Real estate investing is a profitable business worldwide.

The only investment that comes close in profitability . . . and sometimes beats property investing in certain instances . . . is stocks investing.

So, there’s no doubt about it . . . investment in real estate pays big time. And unlike stocks, it’s a far more stable asset to invest in.

Here’s one important thing to note.

Real estate investment  in Lagos Nigeria is far more profitable than elsewhere in the country because Lagos is a bustling commercial city. And it has emerged as one of the most profitable investment destination in Nigeria.

In addition, there is little or no government regulation in terms of pricing and property values.

Consequently, you stand a chance of making big money if you invest right in Lagos real estate.

Here are five reasons why you should give real estate investing serious thought.

1. Property values appreciate fast

Property prices in Lagos Nigeria is constantly rising. For example a colleague bought a land in Lekki for 3 million naira. About three years later, the same land was worth about 6 million naira.

Property owners and landlords are constantly increasing prices and rent. Therefore, any money you put in Lagos
Nigeria real estate is money well invested.

2. Lagos Nigeria is the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. It is the centre of commerce.

Businesses are everywhere . . . and more are coming. More businesses mean better standard of living. And more people ready to buy property.

3. Lagos Nigeria is constantly expanding in commercial capacity.

In fact, Lagos recently attained the mega city status. This means that the property you’re buying today that appear to be in the suburb, may soon become a property in a commercial neighborhood.

That means more money for you because properties in that area will appreciate in value faster than you imagined.

4. There is a ready market

Property ownership is considered to be the ultimate achievement in African societies. You’re not considered to have attained something concrete unless you at least own a house.

This is good news for you the property investor. It means you will always have ready buyers.

Cool, right?

5. Money lose value over time.

If you keep your money in a bank, inflation will eat away its value.

Ten years from today, that huge amount you have saved up in your bank account may be worth only half its current value.

However, if you embrace the creative real estate investing mindset and invest massively in real estate, your investment will take care of you after retirement.

Real estate investing is actually a two-edge sword:

  • It helps you save money and
  • It grows your money

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