What could be holding you back from owning your dream home? Is itYou’re about to take your first step into a new world of possibilities and you’re a bit scared.

Okay, I get it.

 Maybe it’s because ours are the most affordable real estate deals in the Lekki corridor.

That’s absolutely true. 

When it comes right down to it, owning your dream home is one of the most important things you can ever achieve, especially, if improving your current living condition or raising a family is next, on your to do list.

This is why you need a genuine Real Estate Company giving you all the assurance you can get, before putting your money into buying a piece of property.

Our newest Real Estate project, Camberwall Estate, Eleko is a perfect definition of the CUSHY LIFE.

The proposed home of uber-beautiful architecture, with a spate of homes built for form and function, Camberwall estate is designed for aspiring homeowners who desire a home to be truly proud of.

As usual, building your dream home begins with buying a landed property, right? Right! Which is why we have put in our best efforts at providing you access to the most affordable real estate deal on the Lekki Corridor.  

Price used to be an issue, we took care of it! 

Other real estate companies list their properties at a much higher price for less than the desired value. We don’t!

We give you the best value at the most affordable price. Isn’t that cool?

So, here’s the deal

Camberwall Estate has a plethora of features providing aesthetics that meets the eyes and satisfies the mind.

With well paved streets with interlocked tiles and sidewalks, good drainage system to keep out the flood, lush green areas, gated community with perimeter fencing to provide security, beautiful estate layout, and that aura of fine living, Camberwall Estate is a dream come true for you.

There’s more…

The estate features a central swimming pool, just in case you feel like trying out your swimming skills. You could even win the Olympics if you train well, right? Right!

The clubhouse with its welcoming bar and restaurant facilities provides a great area for both residents and visitors to enjoy a quiet drink, tasty snack, bar meal or a la carte dining in the comfortable lounge or dining room.

An outdoor wooden deck provides a magnificent setting overlooking the pool. Refreshments taken on the deck, particularly during the long daylight hours of summer, form the perfect ending to a challenging day at work.

Your kids can stroll around with the dogs anytime, and you can have an evening of fresh air, holding hands with the love of your life, while taking a stroll and renewing the chemistry of an amazing love life amidst the cool breeze of an excellent evening.

 Truly, nothing beats having your choice spots really close to home, especially when you just want to have a feel of the neighborhood and meet neighbors.

In the midst of all these amazing values, there’s a central clinic with resident professional medical practitioners to take care of your health emergencies. How cool is that?

This kind of environment eases the pressure, and relaxes the soul. You’re going to love it.

 Now that you asked…

 An unbelievable price offer!!

For these and other unbelievable values, (which I’ll reveal in my next post) it’s a surprise we’re offering you this deal at a giveaway price.

Check this out!


Our 600 square meter offer is currently going for NGN 10 million, but we will give it to you at a promotional price of only NGN 6.8 million.

Now, if you feel like you prefer to spread out your payments over a period of time, we’ve got you covered with our streamlined instalment plans.

You can either spread out your payments over 6 months for NGN 7.5m, OR you can take advantage of the 12 months plan and pay only NGN 8 million.

Then, there’s our 300 Square Meter offer currently going for NGN 5 million, but we’re offering it to you at a NGN 3.5m promotional price. Isn’t that cool?

An instalment plan where you can spread out your payments over 6 months at NGN 4.1 million, and 12 months at a total cost of NGN 4.6 million wraps this option up nicely.

The truth is that, all we are really concerned about is helping you realise that dream of owning your dream, hence the huge price slash.

The ball is now in your court…

Act now!

We will be ending our promo soon, and the offers will return to their original price, so take action while the prices are still very low.

Like to see the property?

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 You can also send us an email to sales@ecanset.com, we’re excited already

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